I will be presenting a lecture online on October 28 (US) / October 29 (Japan & Europe) that you can join via Zoom. The lecture will be hosted by Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, where I am teaching an online course, "Radioactive Waste and Wasted Bodies: The Colonial and Racial Legacies of the Nuclear World." 

The online lecture is titled, "Nuclear Colonialism: Selecting the Irradiated." 

Here is the abstract:

"There have been over 2,000 nuclear weapon tests since 1945. These tests have deposited radioactive fallout into downwind communities where millions of people live—leaving a wake of sickness, early mortality, forced evacuations and ongoing radiological contaminations. Nuclear Weapon States have selected locations to test these weapons where the downwind populations have little political power or capacity to resist their exposures. Many are in colonial, postcolonial or trust territories. Several Nuclear Weapon States never conducted any tests inside their own countries; those that did test domestically located sites near ethnic or racial minority communities. This lecture will survey the history of atmospheric nuclear testing during the Cold War, the specifics of how communities were selected for irradiation, and their radiological legacies."

Full information about the lecture is available here.

You can register to join the lecture here


US East Coast 10 pm, Oct 28

US West Coast 7 pm, Oct 28

Central Europe 4 am, Oct 29

Japan 11 am, Oct 29