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Podcast Interview: The Comfortable Spot

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ken Sweeney on his podcast "The Comfortable Spot." Ken interviews folks from all walks of life about their work and journey. We had an engaged discussion about my path from Chicago to Hiroshima, issues around the nuclear attack in Hiroshima, issues raised in my book Nuclear Bodies: The Global Hibakusha, and the use or lack of use of nuclear weapons in warfare—including in the current war in Ukraine. You can find the interview on any podcast app, and

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Video of My Book Talk at the University of Chicago in October

I was honored to give a book talk on the 19th of October this year at the Unviersity of Chicago, sponsored by CEAS (Center for East Asian Studies) and the Seminary Co-op Bookstore in Hyde Park. The talk was hosted by the legendary scholar Norma Field, and included my good friend and former colleague Hiroko Takahashi as the discussant. The video of the whole event is available

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When is a Nuclear Test Actually an Attack? Cold War Nuclear Testing and Downwind Fallout Clouds

I was unable to attend the SHOT conference in New Orleans last week, and so I sent in my presentation via Vimeo. I'm posting it here for anyone who wants to see it.The title is, "When is a nuclear test actually an attack: Cold War nuclear testing and downwind fallout clouds." I argue that radioactive fallout from nuclear detonations, especially of thermonuclear weapons (H-bombs) was strategized as a means of attacking enemy combatants and populations in imagined #nuclear war scenarios, but when

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Book Talk October 19

I'll be presenting a book talk on Nuclear Bodies: The Global Hibakusha online on October 19 (US), as part of the East Asia by the Book! series hosted by the Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago and the Seminary Co-op Bookstore. My good friend and former colleague Dr. Hiroko Takahashi will be Discussant. We are really honored to have the event hosted by the esteemed Dr. Norma Fields. I'll give a presentation outlining the major arguments and findings of the book. These

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Nuclear Bodies Book Talks Fall 2022

I'll be giving a few book talks this fall in the US and Canada, and a few in the spring in Europe. Coming up in September and October 2022:September 16: University of British Columbia September 22: Pomona CollegeOctober 19: University of ChicagoAdditional details about each talk and links can be found on the events page of the Nuclear Bodies webpage

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Allied Troops Prepared for Radiological Warfare on D-Day

Long before the completion of a working nuclear weapon by the United States at the end of World War Two, the United States contemplated the use of radioactive materials in warfare.From my book Nuclear Bodies:In a meeting of the Subcommittee of the S-1 Executive Committee (formerly the Uranium Committee of the US government’s Office of Scientific Research and Development) in October 1943, several of the top scientists overseeing the Manhattan Project considered methods of weaponizing radioactive

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