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Video - Out of the Ground, Into the Ground: Nuclear Heritage

I had the joy of participating in a deep exploration of issues of nuclear heritage with the artist Grit Ruhland. The discussion was wide ranging focusing on the legacy of uranium mining and nuclear production. Grit's work explores nuclear heritage at uranium mining sites and communities in Germany, and modes of knowledge production around nuclear culture and technology. She does very powerful work in sculpture, video and sound installation. The event was the opening event of the Redraw Tragedy

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How Culture Wrestled with the Atomic Age

Why do nuclear icons show up constantly on consumer goods and in popular culture? What does this tell us about our society? I had the pleasure of talking with Inside Science reporter Chris Gorski last month. He talked to me and my research colleague Mick Broderick, and also musicologist Reba Wissner. Image credit: Get HiroshimaYou can find the article here, and the larger series that Inside Science did about the anniversary of the Trinity Test

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