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Nuclear Bodies Released in North America

My new book Nuclear Bodies: The Global Hibakusha, has been released by Yale University Press in North America. You can now buy a copy through bookstores and online book sites. Links to major online suppliers are included on my website built for the book, which you can find here. The book will not be in stock at the Yale University Press warehouse in the UK until early May, and so it will become available in the rest of the world in May. Keep checking the book's website to learn about upcoming

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CORE Statement on the Risk to Nuclear Reactor Sites in Ukraine During Wartime

CORE Statement on the Risk to Nuclear Reactor Sites in Ukraine During WartimeWe are disturbed by reports of targeted Russian attacks on nuclear reactor sites within Ukraine, at Chernobyl and Zaporizhzhia.Nuclear reactor sites house active as well as spent fuel and other radioactive waste onsite. Multiple, redundant backup systems work to keep these facilities running safely during standard operations. Yet these back-up systems have failed catastrophically in the past from combinations of design

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Cities of Peace Roundtable: From Atlanta to Hiroshima

I'll be joining with scholars from the Carter Center in Atlanta in a roundtable discussion on "Cities of Peace Roundtable: From Atlanta to Hiroshima," on Wednesday the 16th. The event is part of the Global Media Festival hosted by the School of Modern Languages of Georgia Tech.For information, and to register to join for free visit:'ll be discussion Peace Studies and the current situation in the world along with the

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Nuclear Bodies Now Available

Ahead of schedule, my new book Nuclear Bodies: The Global Hibakusha has been released by Yale University Press.It is currently shipping in the US and Canada. It will be available in other countries in another month or so.To learn more about the book, and to find links to order it from Yale and other online sellers, visit the book's homepage:

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COVID Calls Interview on Global Hibakusha w/Scott Gabriel Knowles

Scott Gabriel Knowles is a historian of disaster and a professor at the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Scott has been a pioneer in "disaster studies" as an academic discipline, and has been conducting a series of wide-ranging interviews with a spectrum of people on his COVIDcalls livestream and podcast. I had the privilege of talking with Scott this week about my book, Nuclear Bodies: The Global Hibakusha, nuclear

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