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August 6th Morning in Hiroshima

Here are photos from this morning in front of the A-Bomb Dome here in Hiroshima. The ceremony inside the Peace Park is very calm and sombre. However, at the A-Bomb Dome, which is technically outside of the park, it is always much more contentious and full of conflict and activity. There are always speakers talking about peace issues, criticizing the Abe government, arguing against nuclear power and weapons, and also there are always right wingers screaming at the peace activists, and Buddhist

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Unbearable Heat in Hiroshima as August 6th Approaches

This has been a summer of disasters here in Hiroshima. The horrible rains and mudslides that killed so many a few weeks ago gave way to an unbearable heat wave that has also killed many and has been making moving around in town quite difficult. Forecasts for Monday, the anniversary of the nuclear attack here, are for very high heat and UV, 37 degrees Celsius (98 Fahrenheit). The ceremony starts filling up with people at about 7 am with the anniversary of the moment of the nuclear detonation

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Hi-Roshimon: What We See When We Look at Hiroshima

What we see when we look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki depends on who we are, and where we are gazing from.,Some people see a humane use of a weapon of mass destruction whose use "ended the war" and "saved lives." Some people see a place of sorrow and mourning. For those who live here, we see home, work, friends, we see the same normal place anyone sees when they go about their day.Recently I published a book chapter on this topic in the wonderful book The unfinished atomic bomb: Shadows and

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Relocating Hiroshima to America in 1948

A reprint edition of John Hersey's 1946 classis Hiroshima by Bantam Books had the following cover:This astonishing graphic was done by artist Geoffrey Biggs (1908-1971). The book included this statement about the cover:"When Geoffrey Biggs, a master of shadow and light technique in art, brought in his startling illustration for the cover of Hiroshima, everyone wated to know: 'Where'd you get those people...why those two?'Biggs said he thought back to that August morning in a certain big

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Ágota Duró on (belated) Medical Assistance for Korean Atomic Bomb Survivors by Japanese Doctors and Civil Society

A new research article has been published by Dr. Ágota Duró at the Asia-Pacific Journal (JapanFocus). Duró recently recieved her PhD from Hiroshima City University in Peace Studies, and (full disclosure) I was her doctoral supervisor. This article is drawn from her dissertation which focused on Japanese civil society support for the rights and welfare of Korean hibakusha. There were tens of thousands of Koreans who experienced the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasakai, and it is only in

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