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The Global Hibakusha and Post-Cold War Nuclear Humanities

I was honored to give a lecture to faculty and students at University of Gour Banga in West Bengal, India on 5 July 2021, via Zoom. The lecture was part of the Parley 2021 series hosted by the Department of English. My talk was titled: "The Global Hibakusha and Post-Cold War Nuclear Humanities." It explored the ways that nuclear humanities were practiced during the Cold War, and how it changed and evolved after the Cold War period. I discussed my work on global hibakusha issues as an example of

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Not Seeing the Contaminated Forest for the Decontaminated Trees in Fukushima

I have a new article up at Japan Focus. The article is part of a group of articles promoting the book, Legacies of Fukushima: 3.11 in Context, published this summer by the University of Pennsylvania Press. The article is a short presentation of the content of my chapter of the book, and the other articles in the Japan Focus collection present several chapters by other contributors. My work focuses on it has been so hard historically to see the harm done to people who's exposure to radioactivity

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