I was honored to give a lecture to faculty and students at University of Gour Banga in West Bengal, India on 5 July 2021, via Zoom. The lecture was part of the Parley 2021 series hosted by the Department of English

My talk was titled: "The Global Hibakusha and Post-Cold War Nuclear Humanities." It explored the ways that nuclear humanities were practiced during the Cold War, and how it changed and evolved after the Cold War period. I discussed my work on global hibakusha issues as an example of one strand of the post-Cold War nuclear inquiry in academia. The talk was hosted by Prof. Amit Bhattacharya is available below. 

This lecture is based in part on the introduction that I co-wrote with Nico Taylor for our edited book, Reimagining Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Nuclear Humanities in the Post-Cold War (Routledge 2017). Other lectures in the series can be seen here