I had a great chat with Joy Walsh on Tuesday August 4 here in Hiroshima on her Inbound Ambassador livestream series. Joy has a series of talks on sustainability issues, and especially as they relate to Japan. She has a very insightful conversation with a wide range of people every weekday at 9 am Japan time. 

I love talking to Joy, and this conversation still felt special. We covered a broad range of topics from the 75th anniversary of the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima & Nagasaki, the various events around the commemoration and how they are different in this year of COVID-19. Plus a wide exploration of nuclear issues including the dilemma of high-level nuclear waste, the use of schoolchildren as a statistical metric of the lethality of the H&N nuclear weapons by distance, and much more. 

Check it out below!

And check out Joy's livestreams every weekday morning!