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My interview for the Atomic Heritage Foundation

Cindy Kelly, the founder of the Atomic Heritage Foundation, visited to Hiroshima, Nagasaki and other cities in Japan earlier this year. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cindy and having a long chat at Kissui, the kaiseki restaurant in the Sunroute Hotel in Hiroshima, overlooking the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park. Here is the interview:The interview is up on the AHF webpage and includes a transcript. You can find it here. Here I am with Cindy across from the Peace

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Imagining a Nuclear World War Two in Europe: Preparing US Troops for the Battlefield Use of Nuclear Weapons

I have a new article on this in print, you can read it here.In the 1950s the US Army prepared troops to participate in a nuclear war against the Soviet Union in Europe. While the Strategic Air Command had elaborate plans to attack the Soviet Union and its assets with large nuclear weapons, the Army had only tactical nuclear weapons. It anticipated fighting the Soviet Union in battles fought very much like those of World War Two, simply with the larger, nuclear weapons added to its arsenal.To

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